Oddvin Rykken


pirate chair .jpg

Easy-chair designed by Oddvin Rykken. Made in Norway. Exclusive Design, Nicely shaped base in rosewood and brown leather cover. Mid-Century 1970
Materials: Canvas, Cover, Rosewood, Leather
Measurements: 77.0 x 60.0 x 70.0 CM (H x W x D)


Born 1937, Oddvin Rykken is from a long line of cabinet makers, trained at the family workshop and factory, creating and designing from 1957. Working as a freelance Industrial Designer from 1979, Rykken had a key role in the development of the ergonomic balans®chairs (kneeling chair).

In amazingly good condition, these Scandinavian leather and rosewood chairs are a design classic, their sculptural form stunning from all angles.

The leather back and base, secured by ropes through the laminated rosewood frame, holds the stuffed leather seat and back. The s-form offers perfect support and ultimate comfort. Resembling a baseball catcher’s mit, the soft supple leather is nicely worn in, a little crumpled and faded as intended, and in excellent condition with no excessive wear.

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 17.23.11.png

We currently have one left at WCD. Please contact us for any details. This is an amazing investment piece.


I found these two chairs that are also designed by Oddvin Rykken and RYBO in the 1960s. These are made with teak and leather.


                      By WCD TEAM


WCD LOVES Mid century furniture…. Quick look at a few beautifully crafted pieces we love…

side board cocktail cabinet .jpg

  1. Side board, cocktail cabinet, Vintage, Danish 1960s

mid century sideboard .jpg

2. G plan retro Vintage, Teak  1970s

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 17.23.11.png

3. Oddvin Rykken chair 1960-1970s Bent rosewood canvas and leather (one left at WCD, Contact us for details)


4. Egg Chair – Hans Olsen (we have a similar chair being shipped over for Wow Studios)


5. Ercol Table in Elm 1960s (Currently At WCD) (contact us for details)


6.Marco Zanuso – lady chair (currently two in WCD WOW Studios Tufnell park waiting for recovering)


Another Great photo of the Marco Zanuso lady chairs. (These are extremely rare chairs by the Italian architect Marco Zanuso)



Singapore Sling


WCD Team visits Singapore

My Top 6 Highlights from my recent trip to Singapore

1. Waku Ghin

“Course by course, bite by bite, immerse yourself in an unparalleled experience with a 10-course dégustation menu as culinary magic materialises before your eyes.” 6th best restaurant in Asia, 10 course dining experience. I was very lucky to experience this eating sensation. This hands down has been the best meal of my life so far! See some of my photos during dinner…

Chef Masahiko introducing fresh live ingredients for dinner. The lobsters were moving!
Very fresh ingredients. Gillardeau Oyster, fresh ginger, aged rice vinegar. Drinking Pierre Gimmone to compliment the first course
Braised Canadian Lobster with Tarragon, rich french in depth but light with the touch of Japan.


 2. Hoshino coffee Hand dripped coffee!

My second most favourite was Hoshino coffee! At WCD Italian coffee rules the roost but I must say this Japanese brand (featuring in Singapore) know what they are doing when it comes to coffee!

“The highest quality Arabica coffee beans have been selected by Hoshino’s in-house coffee blend specialist Master Kano, and are roasted over open fire. The piquant hot coffee (S$5.80) flavours leaves a pleasant acidic aftertaste and is best consumed within 15 minutes”



3. Elok House (Chang architects) 

In singapore I walked past this house everyday, it was down the road from my hotel! It did stand out as the surrounding houses were much older more traditional.

“In direct contrast with the neighbouring narrow, terraced housing, Jalan Elok House is an open domestic space that answers its owner’s desire to live in a forest within a city. The building’s architect, Chang Yong Ter, has created an affordable private residence that opens up to the surrounding urban realm.”




4. Roof top infinity pools

In Singapore having a roof top pool is definitely the thing to have! The hotel that I stayed in (Quincy Hotel) had a great one which you would gaze out upon the city 24 hours a day! Such an amazing view. I also visited another one at Marina Bay which was far more impressive as you could over look the whole city.

Panoramic view of the city from the top of Marina Bay Sands
Emma enjoying the beautiful views from the roof top pool!

5. Singapore Vintage

“Vintage items can have a way of holding you to the ground. When you think of how long (and how far) a vintage object has travelled to find its way to you, its presence seems all the more significant – its character alluringly full.”

Noden Collective

Noden is a vintage furniture shop founded in 2013 with a focus in original Scandinavian classics, travel finds and new lifestyle goods. They are inspired by travelling, the concept of simple home living, photography and nature. This Shop was tucked away from the tourism. This shop like us at WCD had a great selection of furniture,interior accessories and amazing candles.



In Singapore the streets are extremely clean! There is a fine of S$400 (which is £200) if you drop litter!.. Plus a weeks community service. I think London should take a few ideas from Singapore…



Thats My top 6 things i loved about Singapore. By Emma

New in store this week… Haeckles, Made in Margate 


Napping design


  1. Ernesto Neto (Hayward Gallery 2010)  Ernesto Neto transformed the Hayward Gallery’s upper galleries and its three outdoor sculpture courts. Wandering through fabric installations, relaxing in cushioned soft spaces, ascend stairs into artworks overhead and, following on from his signature ‘nave’ works, venture barefoot through an all-encompassing nylon vessel. See below a photo I took from this event back in 2010. This was a great exhibition and I would love to see this work re appear in London someday!


2. Verner Panton Visiona (1970)

In 1970, the Danish designer Verner Panton was commissioned by Bayer AG to create the Interior landscape Visiona 2. Instead of separate rooms with classical furnishings, Panton developed a domestic environment composed of colourful, modular upholstery elements, reflecting the informal, relaxed attitudes and lifestyles of the time. In terms of design history this installation is regarded as one of the major spatial designs of the second half of the twentieth century. Great space to hang out and nap in the 70’s!!


3. Rest, Millennium dome (2000)

I was 8 years old when I visited REST. My experience of the Millennium dome was one I will never forget. For one year the Dome (now the 02) was build and transformed into different zones. These zones where small interactive exhibitions that celebrated London moving in to the new Millennium. I visited three times that year (probably why I remember it so well). By far one of the most innovated zones at the time was REST. They built a structure that could could change colour completely inside, there was no corners or sharp edges, the shape was completely fluid.  The calming music played inside started on 1st January 2000, and will last for 1,000 years.



  1. Nap Bar, Dubai 2015 -2016

Smarin are known for their nap-friendly lounge pieces and the France-based studio recently completed an installation in Dubai called the Nap Bar. Sounds like heaven, right?


2.  Hassell and Draisci studio Creates Londons first ‘sleeprie’ (2015)

This is to encourage day time sleepers to take more rest.”sleeperie” can take a 10-minute nap in a colourful sling within a dimly-lit room, where soothing music is played and all technology is banned. Some scientists say short day time napping is more effective than drinking coffee. So nap away!


3. Walter Castellazzo Design

Team WCD love lounging chairs and resting spaces. We have a collection of Mid Century furniture to help you snuggle up and achieve your well earned 15 minutes rest!

Ercol chair and foot stool: (1960s)

Material elm wood (Chair located At WCD shop in Highgate)

The Big red chair: (1960s) 

Luna B getting her 15 mins of sleep in front of our big Red chair (Chair located At WCD shop in Highgate)

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 16.04.45.png

Marco Zanuso Lady chairs

These are couple of lounge chairs lady designed for Arflex, Milano. Winner of the gold medal prize at the 1951 “IX triennale” in Milano. (We are very very lucky to have sourced more of these rare architects chairs and they are now on the way over from Italy!)Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 16.18.30.png

By Emma Flood

Ciao Bellas!

Call in for a chat if you would like any more info on our Mid century furniture Love!  Shop Highgate village: 02083403001

My Design Story

My Design Story

Hi, I’m Noah one of those ever growing band of independent designers you often read about during a craft or design event throughout the year. My love of art & design started long before, enrolling at Bournemouth College of Art & Design some years ago now!

Since those early days and when I say early that’s pre iPhone pre Facebook and twitter wasn’t even a twinkle! It was hard work making a living being an independent designer so most of my working life was spent working within retail with a very memorable time spent at Sanderson as a design consultant.

These days I find myself split between developing the Noah’s Ark Ink brand, a bright & quirky style of greeting cards and stationery with textiles arriving soon and all with a uniquely British eccentricity for good measure.

Alongside Noah’s Ark Ink, my time is spent working on a wide range of bespoke and contract design projects for private individuals, charities and retailers, including branding, concepts and website design all requiring a strong sense of commercial creativity which has taken many years to master (helped in part by having a successful retail career and an almost successful comic shop, but that’s a whole other story!)

WCD (Walter Castellazzo Design) in Highgate Village specialises in interiors, lighting, mid-century furniture and collectables. Avril Castellazzo’s unique talent lies in finding, nurturing and supporting new, local and upcoming designers from her three favourite places – the UK, Ireland and Italy.

WOW aka ‘World of Walter’ is the big brother studio to the WCD Shop in Highgate Village, the newest expression of a design hub in the heart of Tufnell Park.

The studio is run by Walter Castellazzo where he produces stunning bespoke furniture, art & interiors; you will also be able to get a great cup of coffee supplied by Valentino.

See you soon at WOW Tufnell Pk.


SQ BIRTHDAY CARDS £3.00 each / In store now



Trending Design Ireland

We love the fact that Heal’s is showing an “Irish Design Week” .  WCD has been supporting Irish Design for several years now and are delighted that names such as Heal’s feel the same way that we do….

Beautiful hand blown glass by Jerpoint, a small family business in Co. Kilkenny set in an idyllic rural landscape a few hours from Dublin.  Shown in the main picture, just the best wine glass, a lovely weight, chunky , yet not too thick at the rim and just perfect to hold.

The Jerpoint wine goblet looks great with the very functional carafe on a WCD hand made chopping board all available in store now. To complete this look, compliment with one of John Hanley’s fabulous hand woven throws in softest lambswool and cashmere.

We think you would also love our hand thrown ceramics by Zac Phelan of Annascaul Pottery. This pottery is just over the mountain behind our house in Co. Kerry.  A scenic beautiful 45 minute walk over the Maum.  Zac’s work has a serious organic feel with celtic motif.  It is timeless, beautiful and just makes you want to pick it up and caress it.  All his pieces are in store now, come and have a look and immerse yourself in all things Irish.


La le Padraig so a daoibh -Happy St Patrick’s Day from sunny Dingle peninsula 

I was going to wait till I got home to tell you the story of today , but decided to get a few lines off about the Dingle st Patrick parade .  Sunny , cloudless sky, families , dogs , even bumped into the people I met this morning on Inch beach .  Standing outside Murphy’s Italian home made ice cream parlour being offered free mini cones of seasalt or brown bread ice cream … Just delicious . Everyone happy and smiling and the compare telling terrible jokes over the tannoy , but everyone laughed and then the parade – no scanty dressed women or a sequin in sight BUT there was wonderful stirring marching bands and endless children as young as 6 all playing instruments … Accordions , flutes , tin whistles , drums all marching proudly through the tiny colourful streets of Dingle … Then the floats representing everything local , of course sheep and cows , the film festival, some crazy nuns ( not real !) amazing 1950’s & 1960’s tractors , the fire brigade , the coast and lifeguards but what just made me roll up was the ” septic tanks” all dressed up in green and orange – bet you don’t see that in Rio!




Coffee Lovers and the Four Winds of Puglia

Coffee, we don’t know about you, but we love coffee.  Walt has a crazy collection of stove top espresso makers, actually most Italian homes use these rather than fancy coffee machines, sort of makes a loving process out of making your morning coffee.  Each machine really does make a different type of coffee, but , as we all know its the bean that is king.


So now at WOW Studios and WCD shop you can pop in and buy the wonderful Valentino coffee.  We have to tell you this coffee is not just exclusive to us here in England but it is made with “amore” by small family business in Puglia. 

This smooth,  aromatic coffee is equally good in our fabulous Stelton Coffee press (which by the way keeps your coffee hot for up to 2 hours – at £49 and a range of colours – in store now – whats not too like!

Or you can make an experience of it, take a breath, and use our beautifully designed “slow drip coffee maker”  by Stelton in cool matt black and let that coffee aroma  transport you back to your favourite Italian moment.  (Check out the fabulous new Stelton Kettle in the picture – amazing in store now).

Before we go…. just thought we would share this with you…. according to our brother-in-law, Angelo, the coffee in Puglia is ground according to the wind!  Yes the four winds of Southern Italy, Tramontane (dry, fresh north wind), Ponente ( warm, dry westerly), Levante (strong easterly) and finally Sirocco (humid and south easterly)  …… well we           believe it!
valentino coffee ..png





10 character traits of healthy people

Being healthy is not a fad or a quick fix, it’s a lifestyle. Here are 10 common character traits that I see in people who commit themselves to a healthier and happier lifestyle. How many of these do you recognise in yourself?

  1. They sleep enough.

Did you know that sleeping less than 7 hours per night makes it 3 times more likely that you’ll catch a cold? Not only that, people who don’t get enough sleep are likely to eat more due to the fact their leptin (an appetite hormone) levels fall, promoting an appetite increase. So, forget watching that late movie, get an early night and start reaping the rewards of a full night’s sleep.

  1. They plan their meals.z

Have you ever made the mistake of food shopping when you are hungry? That’s right; you end up with a basket full of high sugar or convenience foods that do nothing for your waistline. For some people planning meals sounds boring and time consuming, but it actually helps you make healthier choices, regulates your portion size and is great for long term health.

  1. They exercise without being told by their trainer.

Scheduling in regular sessions with a PT is the best way to make sure you have an effective exercise programme. However, the healthiest people and those who achieve the most results don’t just rely on 1 or 2 hours per week of exercise; they find time for extra gym sessions, yoga classes or go that extra mile to be as active as they can every day.

  1. They set themselves exercise goals.

For some exercise is a chore and for some exercise is something that just needs to be ticked off in the diary, but for the healthiest people there needs to be a goal. Not because they want to continuously break records, but because they understand that it makes it more exciting and gives the sessions structure and purpose, which stops them giving up.

  1. They always ask questions.

Why is it that many people stop asking ‘why?’ after they leave school? If we just accept things as fact without finding out why or how, then you never really learn for yourself. Healthy people want to understand how to improve their health. They read books and newspaper articles, they ask health professionals for advice and are willing to research the latest facts on health and wellbeing.

  1. They eat fatty foods.

Fat, particularly saturated fat, has been demonised for decades as the cause of cardiovascular disease and obesity. Finally, the mainstream media are beginning to spread the word that fatty foods, such as oily fish, avocados, nuts, seeds and coconut oil, are full of the essential nutrient required for energy, regulation of hormones, and absorption of minerals and protection of the immune system. Healthy people have known this all along and live by the mantra, “fit people eat fat”.

  1. They’re always trying new things.

Humans are habitual by nature; it’s an evolutionary mechanism that has helped us survive by staying safe and conserving energy. But we live in a very different environment these days and it’s much safer to break out of your comfort zone and reap the healthy rewards. Healthy people eat a variety of food; they try new activities and are always looking to seek ways of stimulating their mind to look after their mental and emotional health.

  1. They drink alcohol in moderation.

There have been some studies out recently that have shown that drinking alcohol in moderation can help reduce the risk of heart attack, particularly with certain red wines (Sardinian and Sicilian), even compared against those who don’t drink. The key word though is moderation. There won’t be many reading this who don’t get drunk sometimes and that’s fine. It just has to be sometimes, not all the time, not even every week. Healthy people know how to let their hair down too; it’s just not the only way they unwind.

  1. They laugh often.

According to Dr Michael Miller, a cardiologist from Maryland, laughing for 15 minutes per day has the same positive effect on blood flow and dilation of the arteries as 30 minutes of exercise – that’s not even mentioning the positive effect it has on your mood and mental health. So, if you want to keep your health on track then make sure you get your daily dose of comedy!

  1. They manage stress well.

Healthy people don’t bottle up their emotions; they seek out people to talk to or find a healthy way to channel the tension. They don’t run themselves into the ground physically; they receive regular massage, osteopathy or whatever drug-free method is needed to make sure they’re pain-free. Healthy people are aware of how environmental pollutants can adversely affect health, so eat clean food and use paraben-free beauty products. So whether your stress is emotional, physical or environmental, for a healthier life it’s important you recognise it and learn how to deal with it.

Chairs & La belle Italia


IMG_1059.JPGChairs and La belle Italia

Good morning , this is my first blog!  We are all vey excited here at WCD that London WOW magazine is now
LIVE!   Just had my porridge ( under duress I would so prefer toast and Jam …. but the guilt!) no doubt,  Nick, my trusted trainer who keeps me in one piece, will be impressed!   Luckily when we are in Italy porridge does not feature, just a mind blowing espresso and some fabulous little pastry……. talking of which, Walt has just come back from La Belle Italia having found some amazing new mid-century pieces, here is a taster…..

Cannot believe he found a couple more Marco Zanuso Chairs, 1950’s elegant and will seriously fit into most interiors.  Also bear in mind mid – century chairs are a great investment (Quote from The Forecast issue 03 2016). 

Marco Zanzuo double
Marco Zanuso Chairs

You might also remember we previously had the beautiful Danish Pirate Chair in soft Chocolate leather and bent rosewood base.  The ones coming over have never been used!  A real find and comfortable with it…. a design classic. 

italian chair
Danish leather chair

Now more than ever chairs are a great investment especially as a law will soon be passed outlawing copies or reproductions of designer chairs!

I cannot finish off without mentioning Walt’s (and mine!) favourite stop off at the perfect seaside restaurant at Sant’Isidoro in Puglia.  Le Nave situato nel cuore del Salento. Simple, fresh, un-messed with seafood, or course wonderful pasta’s and divine Salento chilled white wine ( I was eating my porridge – not amused!!)  A great way to inspire his chair buying trip!!

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